Children with special health care needs and attention, are those who have or are increased risk for chronic physical needs, developmental disorder, behavior disorder or emotional disorder conditions that needs more than normal child.

There are many types of special child all have been on top list of research for recovery treatment. Many have achieved HIGH recovery and some get 60% pulse cover for CP cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Those who classified from brain damage can get to 50% to 90% recovered. Those that have development delay may gets to almost full recovery. The treatment may be between 1 to 6 months for normal cases and for more serious problem will need more time.


Alternative Treatment
  1. Acupuncture and Massage
    • Special child treatment with acupuncture or massage can be difficult undertaking. It can take time for a child to adjust to touch treatment, but the benefits that have been discovered through studies and by practitioners may well be worth any required patience.
    • Acupuncture has made incredible strides in treating special child. Its efficacy can possibly be explained through the medical theory that special child is in part a neuroendocrine dysfunction and a result of the incorrect production of opioids.
  2. Herbal Medicine
    • Neuro Acupuncture and Special Neuro Herbal Powder have been very effective for reducing their symptoms. Special herbal brain powder are planted and mixed by the Chinese Master. In the past twenty years, this treatment had shown the effective result. A lot of foreigner came to Malaysia to seek for Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Brain Powder treatment for their child. Intensive treatment will show the better result. Special child cannot be cured but symptoms can be reduced by the Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Brain Powder treatment.
Symptoms of Special Child

When diagnosing autism, specialists will look for a number of symptoms in each of these areas. The symptoms in these areas of development can differ significantly and vary according to the age of the child.

Behavior, interests and activities

Most children with autism are determined to keep to very specific routines and tend to show significant signs of distress if these routines are interrupted or changed. They tend to have limited interests and are often preoccupied with one particular interest or activity. An example of this behavior is the repetitive lining up of an exact number of toys in exactly the same manner rather than playing with them. Another example is memorizing dates and phone numbers, which they repeat to themselves incessantly.

Quite often, a special kids child will have a fascination with a specific object, toy, tool or even body parts. Some children will have a favorite stick, piece of cloth, cup, toy…that they will take with them everywhere or hold on to. Trying to take this away, will cause distress and in some cases very agitated or aggressive behavior.

Autistic children also often fall into patterns of repetitive and purposeless movements of hands, body or head. Examples of such movements are: hand flapping, head banging, rocking and swaying. Abnormalities in posture such as tiptoe walking and odd body postures are also often observed.

Many children with autism also tend to keep touching different body part e.g. they might put their hands on their head or slap their heads with both hands. In severe cases children will go as far as hurting themselves repeatedly and may have to wear protective clothing. Some children will also show extreme signs of aggressive and harmful behavior towards themselves and others.


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